1. bernard

    gee, she seems “talented”

  2. Arkytekno

    So, are you shaved Miley?

  3. ChonchArcola

    ahhh..there it is in all it’s glory.”trailer toe”

  4. The Listener

    Woe! I didn’t expect too see that much of Miley when I clicked on the 5th photo. If the cloth covering her crotch slipped another 1/2 inch to the left (her right) we would be looking at her labia right now.

  5. absinthe

    Camel toe aside, look at how fucked up her teeth look in the 5th pic. Complete hillbilly.

  6. Sean

    This is how they groom them from an early age, then they make them wear these very revealing clothes that used to be worn as undergarments, then they flaunt them in public to make money.. sex, beautiful women sell tickets and make money for the big moguls that put these shows to keep the worshipers in place. They had Madonna, then Britney Spears, now Miley Cirus… a stream of sex honey-pots for the adulating crowd that can’t have enough of these false gods. Meanwhile, public morality is at an all time low, nothing’s scared anymore, anything that makes money goes.. that’s where the Roman Empire was right before it collapsed.

  7. Rough comes clean on 2011

    Yes, it appear to be a fresh smoothie. If the masses didn’t treat every pic/video she takes as the O.J. chase, you know there would be a video of her in a bathtub with an angry razor.

  8. u cant said shes not hot coz she is hot!

  9. HMMM

    She needs to get dressed. Shocking to see so much of a young girl…Legal or not. Miley grow up and become respectful. You owe it to yourself!!!

  10. xerozs

    Damn, i just found a good reason to develop superficial powers to move things away…

  11. swirls

    Everybody so gullible? Ever heard of Photoshop? Really…..

  12. till

    It’s not Photoshop… you can always tell if it’s Photoshop, and this isn’t

  13. gaby

    does she own any pants half of her vagina is sticking out and these are not photoshopped i remember her wearing that outfit at the Much Music Awards cause she took a picture in that outfit with my celebrity crush and i have all the photos hes token if you dont know who im talking about his name is Munro Chambers check him out on Degrassi on teennick or MuchMusic if you live in Canada were it was originally made

  14. Khymer Ortega O. Laso

    Love the look. Reminds me of banging a minor! yeah!!!

    • snotch

      Leave her alone you pervert! Get a life! Banging a minor can throw you in jail. And in case you think you’d get out of it, you’re wrong! that minor best sue you! or even better – have you KILLED! Pervert!

  15. looker

    Miley look great at special place clean Shave

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