1. Your honor, I think this photograph clearly proves that my client is CLEARLY incapable of “acting”, and that “The Hills”, therefore, could not have been scripted, but must have been, as claimed, a legitimate “Reality” Show. I rest my case.

  2. kayk

    Here acting fell out.
    Her being relevant fell out.

    How about her Internet postings start falling as well.

  3. yammerskooner

    Her nose here looks like Michael Jackson’s.

  4. Gen

    She actually looks somewhat (more) normal with no makeup on and her hair like that…

  5. Jazzy

    She’s a Fuckin Bitch and wants her fans to see her boobs yuck!! Can u see her face it looks like she’s saying “O my gosh my boobs fell out and i want the sexy papparatzi to see them” YUCK!!!! ps: Heidi your a whore……

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