1. Kim Kardashian

    Being famous for doing porn is just wrong…unless you have a huge ass and pretend that the porn was leaked.

  2. WTF is been happening to her upper right thigh? There seems to be at least 6 short cut marks there? Why?

    • jep

      She’s a “cutter”. It has something to do with some serious mental issues, (aside from those involving thinking being filmed sitting on cocks the size of baby elephant trunks to pay for college is OK.)

      • I think her idea to avoid debt is actually pretty smart. She’ll make a lot more money doing this that waiting tables, she’ll be able to pay for college quickly.

      • Dox

        of course, now that employers google people’s names, she will never ever be able to get a job in anything that doesn’t involve glitter, clear heels, and an HIV test every six months. But hey…. tradeoffs, amirite?

      • It’s a risk, but given what she’s studying (women’s studies), she’ll be able to find work somewhere. Also, isn’t it fucked up (given that porn’s audience is mostly male) to condemn a woman who did porn and deny her a job she’s qualified for.

        It’s basically saying, once you do porn, that’s all you’ll ever be allowed to do. How are you going to buy the product then condemn the supplier?

      • I agree. Point a finger accusing someone but keep in mind 4 fingers point back at you.

      • jep

        That’s why I point with my whole hand.

        Miriam has some issues though, the cutting scars are evidence of that. And doing porn isn’t likely to make things any better for her.

      • Bullshit. If she was smart she would have been on some sort of scholarship for school in the first place. Also I waited tables through college,worked in downtown Chicago…if you’re a cute young female bartender you’ll make $1k a weekend. I actually made more money waiting tables and bartending during undergrad than I did for the first job after graduation, with a degree in finance.

        Let’s not talk about how “smart” this chick is, if she’s doing this by choice that’s one thing, but no girl in the United States needs to do this in order to pay for her college education.

  3. Haze Dikkeman XII


    The smart chick who looks at naked women on a puerile website. Yea–okay genius ‘cute’ chick.

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