1. How sophisticated, how elegant! His wife, on the other hand…

  2. Ferdynand

    the ideal women of these times is the SLUT AND THE BITCH if u are a slut u can have whatever u want if u are hesont u will live as a loser near a loser man ..but that man is just an hesont and a good man the slut want to conquist a rich man it doesn’t matter the way he got money .bad world

  3. Steve

    Don’t believe the lies that this woman is of the Middle Class. She’s cceenotnd to the dreaded Catholic, Percy family headed by Ralph Percy. One of the very families behind the attempted destruction of the Houses of Parliament with Guy Fawkes which was organised by the Jesuits. In fact the Percy family love to remember this event as evident from some of their meetings of late. The Percy’s control the U.K. with their masters at 114 Mount Street, Westminster along with St John’s Wood.

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