1. sid

    FAT I hate seeing this shitty model

    • Elbow

      you fall into 1 of 2 categories:

      1. You are a fat cow who can’t stand beautiful women and the men who admire them
      2. You prefer a wang up your pooper.

      • Paloma

        EXACTLY! “Sid” Probably wears skinny jeans and a scarf and likes to eat out other dude’s assholes. It must be difficult for people to see what a real human untouched by plastic surgery actually looks like without fighting their gag reflex but to me it is like a work of art. Any real woman who has had even just one child (such as myself) who is only a size 6/8 would love to look like her. The only chicks who would talk crap about her body is starving, hasn’t fingished puberty yet, hasn’t had a child, or isn’t over 30. The chick is gorgeous otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to date one of the hotest actors on the planet & wouldn’t be frolicking in the ocean on a fricking yacht! How many of you can say the samy? I didn’t think so.

  2. kar

    Awesome body not so awesome face.

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