1. berry

    smooth like a peach , but not very refined …rather sturdy body, she will not be aging gracefully

  2. icu

    nom nom nom nom nom

  3. Hola

    she is still peeing!!!

  4. The Judge

    Quite possibly natures perfect food. Ready supply vitamins A, B & C. The look on the other girls face says “Damn that pussy makes me look like a rabid badger in heat!”

  5. tlmck

    Even the other woman in the photo is going “dayam!”.

  6. marcus

    umpf. so hot.

  7. jimbo

    I remember when i could survive on snack food and beer and never so much as put on a pound… that don’t last kids. And no she wont be aging gracefully. Think Kathleen Turner and Kirstie Alley

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