1. jeif


    • chelsea

      in case you haven’t noticed nobody gives a fuck about “first” anymore since there are (in this case) 28 photos any one person could be “first” on. it made you look like a douchebag BEFORE, now it just makes you look like an idiot douchebag.

      • foo

        wtf is up with this categorized commentary for each foto? I hate that–get rid of this ‘feature’ fish–you’re not gonna get people commenting on EACH and EVERY photo–we’ll just refer to the photo by number like we did before. WTF MFER? Chelsea, suck balls.

  2. LoLL

    A little chunkier than she looked in the pictures that came out the other day. Actually, a lot chunkier.

  3. I’m vaguely aware of allegations regarding Ms. Campbell’s love of rocks (either Nigerian or Colombian – I forget), so I realize it’s not politically correct to go sporting boners for her right now, but damnit, she’s still got a slamming body on her. That ass on pick 17 is a thing of beauty.

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