1. Soupofdefish

    I haven’t seen one person cry. Where are these millions? Jackass was worthless.

  2. RT

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. He tempted fate and got the shaft. Now, about the rest of the jackasses…..

  3. cutthecrap

    Hey Bam , just wondering, if Ryan had been killed by a drunk driver, would you still be complaining like a little bitch? Btw, go fuck yourself!

  4. Zilla

    Wonder how many Jackass fans have stopped to think that if Ryan had survived he would be looking at vehicular homicide charges at the very least. Some hero….bad enough to kill yourself but now another family is without a loved one due to his actions.

  5. Julietin

    I love you!!!… this is the most sensible thing anyone has so far written about this…I agree with everything!

  6. Oh Hell No

    Roger Ebert was RIGHT ON. Bam is an IDIOT but then again, he IS a Jackass too.

  7. Ebert’s comment about Ryan Dunn almost sounded like it was written Gilbert Gottfried. Regardless, it was poor timing. I understand Bam’s angry comment about the loss of his friend, but he needs to take a hard look at himself before he opens his own mouth.

    The friends of “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn — who died in a car crash earlier this week — considered him such a terrible driver after a series of wrecks in cars he owned or borrowed that they joked about expecting him to die in a car crash.

    The sound in this clip comes from the DVD commentary of “Viva La Bam,” the “Jackass” spinoff on MTV that followed Bam Margera and his friends, including Dunn. In this clip, Bam, his mother April and pal Tim Glomb talk about how Dunn had wrecked six cars of his own and three that belonged to other people. “I have him in the death pool for death by vehicle,” Glomb says at one point.

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