1. Egg Man

    Bam???? I thought he was dead!!

  2. Hmmmmm


  3. Haggie

    I’m sure his wife is relieved that she won’t have to have sex with him any longer…

  4. The Ugly Truth

    Gross. He’s looking more like his dad these days.

  5. Ryan

    Tappin’ that 17-year-old jailbait pussy. Good for you, Bam. More power to ya!

  6. Ryan

    Tappin’ that 17-year-old jailbait pussy. Good for you, Bam. More power to you!

  7. Brooke

    Nooo! Bam was my favorite Jackass! Even if he wasn’t aware the girl was underage (because she looks older to me…), he still cheated on a woman who swore a legal othe to sleep with him every night. What a… jackass (dammit).

  8. Susan

    Bam has split up with his wife for sometimes and are just remaining like, ‘friends’ or something. At one point, Bam had like, 7 girlfriends, man.

  9. Charlotte Corday

    So what we have a fully clothed picture of a completely forgotten 3rd rate player on a long cancelled reality show with another person not underage.

    Well, hot damn. The Superficial is working overtime.

  10. marcus

    looks like the westin…

  11. mmmmmm

    i fuckin know the bitch. man thats gros dowg the bitch fucked like 8 out of my friends

  12. Jenny

    she probably lied !!!!!!

  13. brooke

    bam is sexy as fuck… who wouldnt sleep with him??!?!?!?!

  14. Jessie-Kate

    I thought he already split from missy last year and they were seeing other people as well as catching up once a week, That’s what I heard on the radio anyway

  15. just because bam was taking a picture with a 17 yr old IT DOESENT MEAN HE CHEATED ON HIS WIFE

  16. Kyme

    He and Missy have been broken up a while now. I don’t know this girl, but she’s better than Porceline Black. -_-

  17. Kelly2176

    Hey Bam i’m not 17 but i’ve heard u like older women too! Come to Baltimore, Maryland……i’d fuck ya!!!!!!!!!!!

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