1. Stella

    an open letter to all:

    The real sad part of this story isn’t the fact that someone died, or the fact that that someone was or wasn’t a “celebrity” it’s the fact that he had everything at the tip of his fingers and completely took it for granted. sure he could afford that nice ride and could party where/when/how he wanted and with who. But you know what he had? He had the luxuries that most of Americans don’t. He could afford basic room and board, 3 meals a day, a car let alone gas and health insurance.

    As I sit here typing with one hand while my 6mo daughter play on my lap I am hopeless. my 89 year old grandma is sitting in the living room oblivious to the anxiousness and stress we are feeling just to take care of the very bare necessities to keep her well. She recieves 1,200 before taxes in SS but apparently that isn’t considered poverty level so she doesn’t qualify for governmental help. my dad is a roofer who makes next to nothing a month and has to pay out of pocket for everything. My 63 year old aunt (Bless her heart) has been working literally 27/7 (how I wish that were an exaggeration) taking care of my grandma by feeding/dressing/cleaning/bathing her. You name it she does it. She does this for NO PAY because we cant afford to pay her. The only tradeoff we could offer her was to live in the house rent free and in return turn she had to agree to turn her life over and dedicate all of herself to helping my grandma. And since she can’t even afford to live on her own she had no choice but to take us up on our offer.Sure we have a helper come in a few times a week for 200 and how we pay her is a miracle that I will never understand. We are stretched beyond our means in every imaginable way. I am this close to asking for handouts because we are just beyond tired beyond exhaustion beyond even being civil to each other over simply taking care of my grandma. All of this and I’m not even touching on the half of it. It is tearing my family apart and I am heart broken. I am in tears watching my family go through this I cant even tell you how sick it makes me. How sick I am at how I can hardly afford to buy the box of adult diapers month that I am asked to contribute. I’m embarrassed of what my family has become.


    Where is the fairness in that?? Life sure is funny sometimes. Maybe one day I will look back on this time and laugh…

    I am posting this as many places as I can so that hopefully everyone reading will stop for a second and realize that it really can get worse. Hopefully all the celebrities will realize that what they have is a privilege and that most people would do anything to be in their shoes for no other reason then to afford a dignified life that they are not ashamed of.

    And for everyone that is down and out on celebrities with addiction problems, like Brook Muller, give it a rest. Addiction is a desease that has no cure. How can anyone expect her (or anyone) to get better when all people do it point and judge? Who are we to give up on her? Instead of nasty messages and hurtful words why not show a little compassion and understanding. If that was your mother or your aunt would you point and laugh at her and tell her how hopeless she was? I’d put all my money on no you wouldn’t. You would cry with her and hold her hand and tell her everything will be alright and that she has a sholder to lean on when things get tough. You would hug her and promise to do all you can to help her and let her know she is not alone. You would love her. Why then are you all so quick to judge a total stranger?

    Take my will & my life,
    Guide me in my recovery,
    Show me how to live.

    misspellings and grammar issues and the like in this post but I can care less. I have bigger fish to fry.


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