1. Captain Jackoff Sparrow.

  2. Even people who actually like CKY don’t wear CKY clothes. It’s been 15 years Bam, you’ve never been enough to promote more than a passing interest in the band, and your influence over idiot teens is at an all time low.

  3. Did he eat Steven Tyler?

  4. Mike

    Got enough jewelry on? God it’s so fucking lame

  5. Ryan Dunn

    So a bunch of teenagers draw shit fuck cock and Him logo and that s it ? IT s ART ? ….. BOOOOORING ! besides, who the fuck wants / would pay for a pic of this narcissistic egomaniac cunt margera or his “wife” … A pimpled 15 years old ? guess what, they don t have money ! haha….

  6. electric

    Jennifer Love Hewitt almost crapped herself when she saw that ring on his finger.

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