1. Cock Dr

    Avril has a nice figure.
    Doya think that she saw that hanging out bikini clad on a yacht was getting her some camera attention, so she called in her ex to get people yapping? Maybe some “for old times” sex was used as bait.

  2. SIN

    Wonderful ass shot.

  3. KC

    Worst Depends ad ever.

  4. Frank Burns

    lol @ ‘Hello Kitty’ wakeboard, maybe she’s hoping to get a role on ‘To Catch A Predator’ as pedo-bait.

  5. Double D

    All the crazy people
    Get here in mah ass!
    Le’ts party till we drop,
    drinkin beer non stop.

  6. 84-Jefferey Herlings

    She quite has the nicest figure, and body looks good and rocking.

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