1. philio

    Avril Lavigne seen here in an advertisement for Magnum condoms: “see Deryck, I told you that condoms can be recycled, just hold it by the end and shake the fuck out of it”!!

  2. Helloooooo Kitty

  3. Great White Pygmy

    Luckily Avril was able to find a Hello Kitty kick board and escape from the dreaded cannibal ship of doom.

  4. Soviet Snow

    That’s a fine piece of ass right there

  5. L

    i didn’t know anyone thought what’s his name and she were dating. anyway, he was on nantucket island, massachusetts this weekend for our independent film festival. don’t ask me why, i wish he hadn’t come either. one of my friends saw him downtown.

  6. killroy

    ughhh i would drop a load in her

  7. Itsme

    Does she have 6 toes, WTF is wrong with her feet?? Scary

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