1. Shaftzits


  2. joski

    I’ve always thought she had a wonderful ass

  3. Paul McCartney

    I’d love to eat Avril’s fine ass.

  4. bonerspunk

    Her nice looking ass almost makes up for her shitty music……almost!

  5. hell yeah, i got ur magnum force baby

  6. kj

    Fantastic ass.

  7. Search

    If any woman was ever truly in need of a corrective rape…

  8. Snooki's Taint

    Put your best side forward Avril.

  9. Maximus

    I second all comments that refer to the deliciousness of that ass.

  10. Drunk Driver

    8================================================================================================================================================D – - – - – - 3- – - 3

  11. congress is out for lunch

    she’s climbing up the ladder to find the can so she can take a massive dump (she ate too much corn for lunch). fucking fake bitch.

  12. lovethemyoung

    That junk on my face. My nose in the pipehole. Fart.

  13. De Bo 69

    Damn Avril !! who new she had all that ass! I thought it would be pale and small Like kristen Stewarts.

  14. BigDaddy

    So much better than that ugly fat ass Kim K.

  15. hmmmm

    you could bounce a quarter off that ass!

  16. B L Zebubba

    AV’s ass = 10.

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