1. numbah 1


    you can see her ceiling eyes through her glasses haha

  2. JANE

    whats going on with her vag side folds…ew

  3. Laurita

    as if anybody commenting rocks a better bod. your envy is showing

  4. superALEX

    it seems wonk boobs richard and wellington were invited

  5. TheDirtyArmyGurl

    She has vagina pits, ceiling eyes, side vagina wrinkles and fucked up +2′s. She needs some eye surgery, corrective boob job and maybe a side vadge lift and armpit fold reduction. I don’t know I’m not a doctor. Do I look better? No I’m 7 months pregnant 190 pounds and I have stretch marks but in my defense I’m not parading around half naked. Dirty Army strong!

  6. Alyn

    Thanks for the inihgst. It brings light into the dark!

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