1. bob

    what an empty, bullshit life

  2. g

    Yeah, but WHAT A RACK!

  3. Ismoss

    Boy if doing stupid shit like this doesn’t scream “love me daddy love me”.

  4. Fa Nay Nay

    i don’t understand what’s going on in the cleavage area

  5. brit

    since when does a boob have a double chin?

  6. Hemingway

    Does her right tit have its own clit?

  7. Brooke

    I like how one boob produces two cleav–

    *reads every other post*

    God dammit.

  8. Edubbs

    On the bright side, her abs do look like those of a fit and healthy 40 year old.

  9. whoa

    now with 26% more hard wonk!!!
    if u cover the face, its tara reid….rippply stomach, wonk tits and alll rock hard body, her bod is literally hard looking, like penis shattering hard, if u tried to titty f*ck her, itd b like one of those crash test videos…crash bang smash! wonk mad…WONK SMASH

  10. no more fake boobs ^_^

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