Very Nice

  2. She looks so great in the this shot…..but the poofed up breasts are so improbable & fake looking on that skinny little torso.

    • Jigaboo

      I dont know those hooters look like they have a slightly natural slope. The angle of the dangle is inversely proportional to the heat of the beat anyways.

  3. Hugh Gentry


  4. ClassyDirtyChick

    ummmm she looks good here … beach babe but ready for a good seeing to.

  5. ClassyDirtyChick

    huuummmm the more I look the more I think she’s looking good..! almost makes me wanna go under the knife for some boob’ies……

    I Waaaaaaaant Wonk Booooooobs

  6. one legged

    she is the epic woman..
    very skinny arms and waist and bigger than normal breasts

  7. Hfire3

    Pic 5 is the best. Profile doesn’t show the wonk.

  8. jerk

    man i thought she was hot before, these girls need to stop going so big with these implants. but then who am i to complain, they are doing for “themselves”
    not for attention or anything.

  9. cc

    A fake famewhore but…given the opportunity I’d be delighted to do very unsavory things with her. Why I don’t get the opportunity is one of life’s great unjustices.

  10. i loled

    the giant tits kinda ruin it but shes pretty

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