1. Guy Smiley

    ewww man, has she had kids? and the worst part is she probably thinks she looks good

  2. Linda

    That’s not a bikini, that’s Khloe Kardashian’s eyebrow.

  3. jayef

    C-Section scars and cellulite. MMMMMM . . . SEXAY!!!

  4. Noel

    can’t wait to see the “after” pics.

  5. ashley

    She hasn’t had a c-section..thats the sad part.

  6. sprezzatura

    Oh great, I love to see vagina in the morning

  7. holymoly

    gross…..just gross. those are lipo scars btw or tummy tuck. c-section scars are a small horizontal line just above where her stiring starts.

  8. ktulu

    wtf! thats nasty

  9. Autumn

    Mariah Carey has really bounced back from her pregnancy.

  10. Jill_Ess

    OH MA GAWD. That is awful.

  11. So they have strip clubs just out on the beach now? Why didn’t anyone think of that sooner?

  12. marcus

    America, seriously, please stop being disgusting.

  13. L.

    Nasty. Thats all I can say when I look at her pic.

  14. Seriously!! No really seriously? Gross……x10 to the ‘enth power. Disturbing…..

  15. Short_Bus_13

    Dear god this is worse than looking at Khloe Kardashian’s face any day

  16. castallare

    Ah yes. Get rid of your pubes so you can drape your crotch in a nice fringe…

  17. Reg

    That is the widest bush I have ever seen.

  18. tmfvaughan

    Her vagina looks like a hairless cat.

  19. am

    this photo is just.. totally uncalled for.

  20. andrea

    god, why?

  21. Toxic Buddy

    I’d rather look directly at the sun than this.

  22. Hans

    I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. Kirstie Allie is looking pretty good in these pics.

  23. kara

    what the fuck. do people who are friends with celebrities not have balls? no one seems to tell these people that they can NOT walk out of the house like that

  24. s'up bitches

    Who the fuck took a machete to this bitch? Cover THAT SHIT UP!

  25. thenotsofunnyone

    How difficult can it be to see the difference between a belt and a bikinibottom?

  26. ThighHighs

    The sad thing, if she dressed properly she has the potential to be a relatively attractive individual. I just don’t get how she can look in the mirror and think she looks good….ew.

  27. Confused

    She needs to choose… Some better bikini bottoms.. This is entirely unflattering. “HEY GUYS, LOOK AT MY VAGINA POOCH, ISN’T IT SEXAY? LOOKS LIKE PLUCKED CHICKEN.”

  28. Woofus

    Pull that fucking thing up, you crazy cracked out nutjob

  29. monkeyspank

    When I look at this pic I just have to wonder. What is holding that thing up?

  30. iamkenman

    Who the fuck is Aubrey O’Day anyway? Never heard of her.

  31. xoxo

    big fat and ugly, like a elephant

  32. Aubrey O’Day u look stink, nasty, worthless,and a fuckn’ street rat. Go put som e fucking clothes on u are a slut and a whore. That’s why DIDDY got rid of u, he saw that u are a nogood person. only job 4 u out their is 2 take naked pictures.

  33. Basic_Li

    That string is an inch away from pornographic.

  34. Martina2

    I guess this is part of California’s new prison release program? The only thing missing here is Charlie Sheen.

  35. Tropez

    I actually like this.

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