1. Steelerchick

    mooooo moooooo

  2. liv000

    Now THAT’S a botched bikini wax.

  3. ad nauseum

    Kesha-itis: the medical term for lack of a waist line i.e. built like the K to the E to the dollars sign to the HA.

    She has it.

  4. Anon

    I had no idea it was sometimes necessary to botox the mons pubis.

  5. duder

    She’s rectangular. Like a woman made of Legos, but with the consistency of Nerf.

  6. Macho

    Why doesn’t she just do porn already? EEEEWWWWW she is gross and full of cellulite.

  7. holymoly

    I never thought I’d say this, but please bring back the pictures of Ke$ha on the beach. please

  8. lalala

    ew!! not only is she chubby, but someone pull up her damn pants!!! GROSS….hiking them DOWN won’t hide your fatty love handles, it just makes us all want to puke….she needs to get her fat ass away from the camera before it breaks….or she eats it!!

  9. snarl

    didn’t need to see her FUPA…..

  10. Photographer: “Uh, Miss O’Day, your vagina’s out. Could you do something about that. It’s not flattering.”

  11. JohnW

    Super Skank!

  12. Mark D.

    how do you get flab, sag, AND cellulite on your genitals?
    i really need an unsee button.

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