1. cc

    Dear Superficial,

    Enough with this chick already!



    • Jack Ketch

      Yes, Courtney Stodden seems to have disappeared … let’s hope it will happen to this, er, broad too. Let us pray.

  2. AAPL made me rich!

    Aubrey? Hey, Aubrey? Aubrey! Aubrey O’Day? Aubrey O’Day, I thought that was you!

  3. Stupid

    She wears the ugliest bathing suits there are.

  4. icu

    “Like we’ve never seen her before”?

    You mean like an ACTUAL woman and not a Tranny?

  5. Jack Ketch

    “Bonus” Gallery ??? Are you fucking kidding me ? *wretch*

  6. Fawks

    Awful hair and someone needs to tell her not to smoosh her excellent tits in bras/bikini tops that are two sizes too small

  7. Hawk

    Yes aubrey, we all know you’re completely bald down south. Now pull up your pants.

  8. Jonesy


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