1. celebutard

    These must be test shots for her audition to play the lead role in the porn spoof “Live! In Kelly”.

  2. Robot Warfare

    Looking at her is like a bad hangover after getting drunk on Jessica Alba pictures.

  3. Aries

    FU seriously if you would not (F) the sh*t out of her you are gay….and well (F) her tits as well….later

  4. Court

    Dear Aubrey: all that contouring is not making your nose look thinner, it’s just making you look even more stupid.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Damn straight!
      Also, I know she loves the *bent over the coffee table* pose, but this particular shot allows us to look at her face for too long. She doesn’t want that.

  5. Aries

    Yes (Standards) I would bang her the standard way and then every other way. She is better than your wife.

  6. Jezebel

    Courtney Stodden School of Facial Contouring

  7. I’m not going to say I wouldn’t fuck her…I’m a dude, which means I’d fuck your grandmother in the ass and post the video on Red Tube…but something needs to be done about that face.

  8. BowelTowel

    This is my favorite Picasso, hilarious how he never could get the eyes lined up right.

  9. fvalen001

    Aubrey O’day is motivation for Hayden Panettiere to stick to her diet.

  10. Romello Skuggs

    Poor thing. If only she was as attractive as she believe’s herself to be……

  11. jim

    What’s wrong with her face?

  12. sue

    im sorry but go to the gym girl do some cardio and put the burger down!

  13. whery good boobs so nice

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