1. fvalen001


  2. Esma

    why does this hag wear so much makeup at the beach?
    I understand insecurities, but I would be embarrassed if I were her.
    Poses near the water, but WON’T GET IN!
    Kim K, is that you in a wig? Its an epidemic with this run down chicks liker her & kim K, are nobodies, who like to CAKE ON like there is NO TOMORROW! Spackling that shit & pose in the most stiff way imaginable.
    A real hot girl would flaunt herself all natural without ever getting any surgery.
    REAL beauty has been shot a long time ago…

  3. yoop

    Where is the distracted jetski driver when you need them?

  4. bj1982

    When did Snooki bleach her hair?

  5. Kitty

    THESE ruffle top bikinis are created for women who do not have extremely large breasts… why do huge boobed women want to wear them they are stupid…

  6. Seriously, does this delusional fatty look in the mirror? That having been said and given that haircut, how about going “Godiva” for us…tee hee!

  7. Frank Burns

    Its the Little Mermaid after years of addiction to crystal meth and chocolate pie.

  8. fvalen001

    Release the Kraken!! No? I dont have that kind of power? Okay. Release Aubrey O’Day!! *Que monster music* RAAAAWR!!! *beach goers run screaming for their lives* :D

  9. Bob

    She’s hot as a hell yo!

  10. Inner Retard

    Cue the theme from Jaws!

  11. Pankie

    mooooooooooo mooooooooooo

  12. It looks like a lime-green angel got lodged headfirst in her solar plexus.

  13. jr

    love this whore, keep slutting it up

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