1. Rising Dragon Fist

    Stupiditron 5000 powering…dooownn

  2. Christina Aguilera thinks this is disgusting

  3. lily

    Gross and classless. I don’t get why people like to turn their skin orange. And god knows that tummy is looking bulgy and gross or this hoe would be parading around in a string bikini.

  4. Josh

    This disgusting thing with its poorly done bolt-ons and stretch-marked orange skin needs to go away. Fucking A, she’s only 28, but looks closer to 48.

  5. taco

    Does she realize she looks fat / thick / gross / nasty?

  6. Her upper torso has cleavage too… takes away some attention from those implants!

  7. Wow! Coco is really slimming down.

    What? Aubrey who?

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