1. Oh No

    Looks like he’s about to cackle impishly and steal your jellybeans

  2. I’m only laughing on the outside. My smile is just skin deep. If you could see inside I’m really crying, you might join me for a weep.

  3. JosieBelle

    He looks like he’s two steps from turning into The Joker – which still wouldn’t help his acting “career”.

  4. Codot

    I like the “Used-to-be-Superman-but-fell-off-my-horse-and-now-need-tubes-to-live” look he’s got going there.

  5. icu

    so what? now he’s a hipster douchebag with short hair.

  6. YayaToure

    ironic that it’s pretty similar to the trademark charlie sheen cut?

  7. I like the yellow on yellow going on. I mean the yellow teeth against the yellow background.

  8. KC

    I take it back. Keep the beard.

  9. Whatever

    Oh oh oh, I know this one! Charlie Sheen!

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