1. Ally

    Looks like a guy who loves his wife to me.

    Stop making things up just for a headline, it’s pathetic. You love targeting their relationship because she is older and you don’t think a younger man could ever possibly be faithful to an older woman. Hmm well maybe you couldn’t, but Ashton chose to marry one so he is not that shallow …

    • Jenny

      Yeah I agree with you Ally, this just seems cheap to mock Demi cause she’s older? she’s still SMOKING HOT and they seem pretty happy to me!

    • I don’t know, his bodylanguage is very telling here. His eyes are closed as he looks in her direction, the hand that rests on her leg is clenched into a fist (minimizing the amount of actual touching of her skin)…And there have been a lot of pics like that lately, where Demi looks desperate to make contact with her husband who is leaning away from her. This relationship looks to have run its course to me.

      And the jabs at her age…well this is the superficial, what’d ya expect? Although she’s not Joan Collins yet, she is 15 years older than he is.

  2. nursekimmie

    I hope he didn’t cheat. I love them as a couple

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