1. sumsum

    grow up demi…you are 750 years old and taking self portraits in the shitter…don’t you need a hip replaced or something???

  2. tarzombie

    -really? ya, she’s old, but guess what?, she’s still fuckin’ hot! Hell, she’s better looking than most of the starlets that are half (or a third) her age. Sure she’s had work done, and maybe she’s a bitch, but who cares, she looks great! All women should take notice, not just those in Hollywood, we don’t care how old you get or if you’ve had kids, you still must maintain a fuckable body at all costs. Good for you Demi, let’s hope she at least shaved that hair diaper she had in the 80s, ick!

    • *Scryingeyes*

      @tarzombie….How typically tacky!

    • winter_rogue

      Hahahah!! so your say everyone should have plastic surgery? umm honestly people can look good without having to have surgery.

      • winter_rogue

        Thats only because not everyone feels like running to the doctor in order to be attractive lol …

      • *Scryingeyes*

        @winter_rogue! Thank you for your comment! That’s what I’ve been trying to say all along. You put it in a nut shell! These people on here seem to think because we express ourselves by leaving a negative, but truthful comment, that somehow we’re “old baggy skinned, jealous people who play on the computer”. That’s just NOT the case!

      • *Scryingeyes*

        Oh, and that we don’t work hard to achieve a body that looks as good, if not better than Demi’s.

    • Nique

      So, Mister, us women need to maintain a “fuckable”body. How about you guys then? How fuckable does the average man in Demis age look? FAIL!

      • AS

        I agree with Nique…I just had my 30 year reunion. The men didn’t age as well as the women, and they did NOT care….which was awesome!

  3. burton

    she looks better than alot of teens and women younger than her..fuck off with the your too old shit…THATS OLD.

    • *Scryingeyes*

      @burton….Pa-Lease….Don’t be blinded by your stupidity. Open your eyes an take a good look! But, she’s NOT a teen, nor a woman younger! Where’s her classiness? Oh sorry, she never had any to start with! That’s my point!

    • Nique

      I agree Burton. Although I hate to admit that she probably would not look like this without surgery, she looks great!

  4. I agree that she is amazingly hot, but seriously, anyone over the age of 30 who takes a self portrait in the bathroom with their cell phone needs to grow up. She’s attractive with no class.

  5. demi lover

    She’s smoking hot and I don’t care if she’s 75! Keep the pics coming. You’re all just jealous that you’re flabby at 25.

    • *Scryingeyes*

      @Demi Lover….Flabby at 25? No way! If you call being a size 5, 36-23-36 solid without any ‘flab’, waist long cinnamin hair, big greyish green eyes & olive complextion with maturity to boot (jealousy?) you’re sadly mistaken! Oh yeah, and I’m real too! You won’t find implants laying around in my crypt when I die, just bones & no plastic! You also won’t be able to chip away mounds and mounds of veneer off of my teeth either! Ugh….Her dentist should have known when to stop!

      • cody

        hahahaha size 5 36 23 36 that a perfect fucking body theres no way in hell u look that good and ur still playin on the compueter looking at celebrity scandals .ur probably 180 pounds, ugly as fuck and culd never get a guy to touch u throughout ur whole life… and ur caling this bitch immature, i mean fuck ur on the internet talkng shit about people u never have and never wll meet.

      • *Scryingeyes*

        Where do you come off saying that about me, you don’t even know me and you never will! My comments are just that “Comments”. I’m just being honest in what I said! And yes, I do look the way I described. I worked hard to achieve my body without having “nicks & tucks” and surgeries here and there. I just think putting yourself posing for the world to see you in the bathroom is well, “tacky” because she’s insecure. Should I name call “YOU” and say you’re probably some; unhappily married sweaty beer bellied insecure balding social slob who’s lurking around on your computer looking at pics to jerk off too???? Stop projecting!

    • Lindsey

      AMEN! Demi is SMOKING HOTT! Okay, the self portraits in the bathroom are a little immature- but that doesn’t change the fact that she still looks FABULOUS! Think about it, most people her age are flabby skin bags, if you looked like at her age, wouldn’t you want to revel at your hottness?! I sure would. Call me classless. Oh freaking well.

      • *Scryingeyes*

        @Lindsey….NO, I don’t think most people her age are flabby skin bags! Most of us who have decided to take care of ourselves work very hard to stay in shape without the help of nips & tucks, surgeries, and massive amounts of veneers on our teeth. Ya know some of us do look as good, (if not better) than she does!

      • Nique

        Scryingeyes you seriously must be very obsessed with your looks. I feel sorry for you!

  6. *Scryingeyes*

    She’s totally obsessed & self absorbed! Her daughters are more mature than she is. Wonder what her daughters really think down deep inside about their immmature mother? And courtyardpigeon~ I agree with you, she is only ATTRACTIVE not beautiful. She has not one ounce of class nor dignity! True sexiness honestly comes from within! That being said; seems that hasn’t arrived at perfection or full development yet. It’s still crude & unfinished. To bad you can’t buy that Demi! She needs feedback from people to reinforce her self esteem guys, can’t you see that?

  7. tara

    hence why she is wearing sunglasses! she OLD!!! anyone can look like that – plastic surgery body and buttaface!!

  8. eve934

    Why do you care so much what Demi does, scryingeyes. Guess what, she doesn’t even know who you are and doesnt’ care wtf you think. Sorry to burst your bubble that you think you are sooo important.

  9. WowzersTrowzers

    What’s with the glasses? Who wears sun glasses in their own damn bathroom? The only morons I see posting online pics in their bathroom listen to Justin Beaver, wear a thousand silly bands, and think Twilight was the most awesome movie ever made. And Asston Coocher…he has as much talent as the last stinky deposit I made. It was a doozie- almost requiring a helmet and handlebars so suppose that is a slight compliment in his direction.

  10. yowillie

    I hope not. She is smokin’ hot.

  11. Rick's Daddy

    Reading these comments…you ALL must be white.

  12. ismackdemhoes

    I’m just saying, her camera phone takes crappy pics. She needs to upgrade.

  13. Satsuma

    can I look like that when I’m in my 40s?

  14. Cardinal Fang

    Please isn’t the fact that she makes more in a week than most of us do in a year satisfying enough for her? Fucking Hollywood freak.

  15. xix

    I will fuck her hard and she will forget her name….demi’s body is the best ever…

  16. M.J.

    Demi is absolutely SMOKIN hott!!! But, MY fantasy movie for her to star in next is one with interracial porn star Shane Diesel (aka, BLACKZILLA). Even though I think Demi is still totally fucking amazing…..I would LOVE to see what she could do with Shane Diesel!

  17. i loled

    your so fucking old stop taking slutty 16 year old girl facebook style pics, are you for real? lool

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