1. Salvatore

    OMG, my heart just had an erection!

  2. victory

    OMG!!!! She uses Crest toothpaste!

    SO DO I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


    She looks better then most women half her age, but I’m pretty sure she starves herself to look like that. Does anyone remember how fat she was before her role in Charlie’s Angels?

  4. Tootsie

    It’s called PLASTIC SURGERY. Her surgeon must be a miracle worker, and must be extremely rich because of her!

  5. Hugh Gentry

    hot for a 50 year old!

  6. sitin

    She can buy me lunch anyday & I’ll supply dessert!

  7. She is SMOKING!! No doubt about that… but what’s with the mirror bathroom shots? I find it weird for someone her age to be posting shit like that… makes her seem a little desperate/ juvenile/self absorbed, no?

  8. Scryingeyes

    Can anyone say “I’m totally into myself & making sure my body didn’t revert back to what I really should look like after I’ve wasting an ungodly amount of money being vain with all my plastic surgeries! Age gracefully Demi & get over yourself. You can fool some people, but ya’ aint’ gonna fool old mother nature! Why not donate your millions of dollars to the less fortunate! Most of us would be happy if we could just make it from month to month!

  9. Bunny Girl

    Dear Demi -
    You’re FORTY something… Dont you think youre A BIT too old for cell phone mirror sunglass self-pics? Celebrities are all the same… he probably JUST realized she was busy giving birth to children while he was learning his times tables.

  10. tarzombie

    @ Scryingeyes
    “age gracefully” is what lazy, fugly women say. blah blah blah, I have a great personality, no one cares, you say being vain like its a bad thing. Some people have pride in themselves and actually want to look good, just because she is 50 doesn’t mean she has to look like shit, lots of young girls in Hollywood look terrible, Demi has motivation to stay fit and you want to talk negative about her? Your the same type of person who would leave negative comments if she was fat and wrinkled like Kirsti Alley “looking her age”. Bravo Demi, keep the erections coming!

    BTW, who cares if her body is a result of surgery, diet, exercise, or a combination of all three, she looks great, and if it is all do to surgery (doubt it), that is one good surgeon. She doesn’t have any of the horrible plastic tell-tale signs, like others; Tara Reid, Heidi Montag etc.

    • *Scryingeyes*

      @tarzombie: Demi only has motivation to fight the natural aging process. I feel it’s an obsession, do you call that healthy? But *HARK* her wallet, her credit card, her cash or whatever; did A LOT to “KEEP THE ERECTIONS COMING”. If you adore and admire a inserted-lifted-nipped-tucked-pull-it-taunt-everywhere person; by all means that’s your prerogative. I myself don’t get turned on over anything Hollywood male or female. I would prefer things to be natural and not turn into an obsession that’s all. And yes, you can find a remarkable, talented, awesome surgeon to do proceedures that are flawless and on the brink of miraculous! But if I were laying beside someone like that and looking into their eyes, my mind can’t help wondering just what’s fake, and what’s not! Each to their own my dear tarzombie, each to their own ;-)

      • Charlotte Corday

        And the winner of the self righteous rationalization prize is *Scryingeyes*
        Hit the gym, dude/hon. Your personality sucks.

      • *Scryingeyes*

        @Charlotte Corday….At least I have a personality…. so bite me!

  11. DanieB

    Seriously, what is up with women, bathrooms, and phone pictures? At least her mirror is clean.

  12. burton

    why does it matter if she is posting mirror pics…yeah most teens do that, but who cares…i hate how society gives you a best before date and then after that you dont matter…SAYS WHO..the fukin media who doesnt give a rats ass about you and just wants your money? get real…she is smokin!

    • Nique

      Exactly, what has posting bathroom pictures to do with age? What has going clubbing or wearing short skirts to do with age. What the fuck does anything have to do with age. NOTHING!

  13. foo

    I don’t care how good she thinks she looks–she’s still a pain in the ass–at least to Kutcher.

    • *Scryingeyes*

      @ foo…I agree with you whole heartily!!!

      • hateyoufornoreason

        Whole heartedly, asshole.

      • *Scryingeyes*

        @hateyoufornoreason….I love how people resort to name calling when they don’t have anything intelligent or constructive to say, don’t you? Thank You for correcting my word. You’re the grand prize winner for today’s Spelling Bee, sooooooo what do we have for em’ Johnny?

  14. HLM

    It’s a little desperate to post bathroom cell phone pics…what’s next…? The duck face? And that she should really be embarassed by the flailing around she did for Snoop Dogg.

    All the same…If I look that good at her age, you’ll see me on MILFs Gone Wild.

  15. SW

    I’m thinking that people who complain about her having surgeries to look good and claim to like it “all natural” are lying to themselves and are just jealous that they let themselves go to crap and will never look that good.

    • *Scryingeyes*

      Some of us who have decided to take care of ourselves aren’t insecure and afraid of mother nature. We’ve had to work very hard to stay in shape without the help of nips & tucks, surgeries, and massive amounts of veneer on our teeth. Ya know; some of us can, and do look as good, if not better than she does! So, “all natural” I would have to say IS a solid statement!

  16. sheena

    niee bathroom



  18. Casci

    So very sad….Im more interested in the interior design of her bathroom….very stylish.

  19. Woofus

    While Demi is far hotter and wealthier than I will ever be, something calls upon me to ask if she has some kind of Tara Reid stomach thing going on?

  20. gonzo

    yea, I alway wear my sunglasses in my underwear in the bathroom taking photos of myself —- WTF..still, I’d bang that fool in a heartbeat

  21. Jessica

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised. She married a man over 20 years younger? She’s obviously in denial over her age. I don’t care what anybody says that’s not natural to be with somebody that much younger whether you’re a man or a woman it’s gross. THe only people that want to see old people naked are other people.

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