1. Double D

    I BELIEVE, Ashley… that’s you’d do anal.

  2. Roofies Yum

    She’s actually a woman? I could have sworn she was a porkchop with hair.

  3. Gina

    That quotation is HILARIOUS.

    • There was a time — within my lifetime — that “showing your butt in public” was a euphamism for acting in an immature manner. I wish my sweet Granny was still alive so I could rub that magazine in her face and demand my millions of dollars that her bad “don’t take your pants off in front of all these people” advice probably cost me.

  4. Ron Burgundy

    No idea who she is but I’d still hit it.
    I’m a sucker for long, black hair, a good pair of DSL’s and a pair of tittays that will fit in the palm of your hand.

  5. Micky

    Tad classier than a sex tape butt I don’t think it will work.

  6. miguelito

    ugh she looks so plastic-surgeried

  7. The Ugly Truth

    If you’re starving yourself for male attention, getting nose-jobs and lame tattoos, I’m sorry, but you’re still a girl. You’re not a woman until people come out of your vagina and step on your dreams.

  8. I thought she was still just a kid, but now I see that she’s permanently marked herself with a trite “inspirational” word with stars bubbling off the end. Welcome to adulthood, Ms. Tinsdale.


    that face, wow. brown baggin it

  10. FRANK

    i don’t care what any of you say. I’d nail the hell outta her! she’s not Megan Fox gorgeous but she’s not Lady Caca ugly either! more importantly, her body is HOT!!

  11. That Guy


  12. one legged

    she’s still ugly

  13. Jake

    She’s older than Lady Gaga.

  14. Brad Clooney

    I’d do her. I’d give strong consideration to licking her butt crack.

  15. bump

    Nice Long Crack

  16. Scott

    She looks great. This is how nude photography should be – a tasteful celebration of the human body.

  17. oliver laurel

    A true lady is mature and above all modest…that being said…..sure I’d stick my finger up her butt crack till I got pay dirt in my nails.

  18. Jade

    women want to be girls and girls want to be women

  19. Cardinal Fang

    If you’re a woman then show us your front side babe!

  20. Hawk

    I’m not just a young girl everyone thinks I am. I was in those High School musical movies but that was a while ago so I’m not against showing my ass for attention.”

  21. Stu

    She’s gorgeous!

    Ugly Truth needs to get over her bitter cymbalta popping self.

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