1. MarkM

    That’s the look on my face EVERY time a girl says “Yes, I’ll have sex with you!”

  2. kj

    What the fuck *is* a twilight?

  3. Erica

    Haha i think he’s cute.

  4. Id say that landed the best pussy he ever had, but she looks like a lay there and fake it kind of girl.

  5. Jennyjenjen

    I think that’s her brother.. They look a lot alike.

  6. Kaywoodie Sucker

    “Oh man, I am so glad I didn’t rub that one out before I went to singles night at Starbucks”.

  7. That random’s name is apparently Dickey Doo. No idea what that means, but i’m guessing she hired a gay porn star that has a continual hankering for scooby snacks.

  8. dontlooknow

    From the skeevy jacket to the idiotic look on his face, a winner. Hear that Charlies?

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