1. Cristina

    OMG Mason is going to be 1 already! I remember watching when he was born.. They get big so fast, have to enjoy every moment with them my baby is just 3 months and aldeady doesn’t want mommy’s kisses lol

  2. Stef

    South Africa!! That’s where I live. Most beautiful country in the world!! Will your fans here be able to meet you?

  3. Roberta

    Hi Kim,
    I enjoy seeing what you get up to via your blogging. I am inspired by your individuality, hard work ethic, and encouragement of other young women (in several aspects of life ie. Body image/having aspirations.
    Although I’m sure many people assume you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth I recognize the fact that you have worked hard since you have been at school working for your dads record company. I admire that you are sucessful for your saavy business choices, as well as your good looks.
    If you are able to talk about it (without legal restrictions) I think it would be great if you were able to talk to the millions of young women who look up to you about your experiences during marriage, and how you overcame those issues. That is somthing I am struggling with at the moment!!

    Love Roberta

    ps. Shout outs to Monica Rose & Joyce for always ensuring you look fabulous

    Also to Farzeen (she seems so sweet) and such a loyal fan! I’d love it if u could suprise/treat her for her efforts. After all I know just how important your fans are to you!!

  4. taryn

    Hi kim,I cannot wait for you to come to cape town south africa to meet you guys.
    There has been a rumour that you guys where coming down soon.
    I so hope I get to see you though.enjoy what’s left of the weekend.
    Lots of luv.xoxo

  5. Kilahc

    I love your show! Your family seems great I am a huge fan! & I just had a son too! So yay MASON!!

  6. Natali

    Everything you girls wear looks hot, and personally I think the capes are cute, a bit like little red riding hood ;-) xoxo

  7. Iris Santa

    Wow! So many exceptional accomplishments! You’re a real inspiration KK! By the way I absolutely love your watches. My husband just ordered me the “Rio” watch with black lace on the wristband. He said I have to wait for christmas to get it! Not fair! :)

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