1. numbnuts


  2. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  3. Anna

    What a flat ass!!!! 0.o

  4. jc

    Anna…what a dumbass you are!…..Ashley not only has a really nice body overall, but one of the most beautiful faces ever!…..This girl doesn’t need your “critique” of her “ass”!….she’s fine!

  5. GUY

    i dont give a fuck how her face looks. Bitch aint got no love cushion for pushin. So Shut the Fuck up JC, you retarded twat. Real men know that women need that ass to grap onto. You must be a faggot.

  6. Bingo

    I agree. The girl is really beautiful, but she’s got no junk in the trunk!

  7. WhitePussyLover

    its flat but its nice. id hit it and lick it

  8. WhitePussyLover

    white girls are so fucking hot

  9. i loled

    LOL ewww

  10. james

    no ass attall

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