1. Cock Dr

    What a fashionable blanket Jess is hiding under.
    I completely understand though. A daily diet of beer, queso & guacamole really packs on the pounds.

  2. Do Freebird

    First there was The China Syndrome. Now comes the ever more terrifying sequel, The Delta Burke Syndrome.

  3. gumption

    thought you were pulling our leg about the poncho. This is amazing

  4. TomFrank

    “Si, señora, it’s true. We Mexican men like the…¿Como se dice, ‘grasa en el culo’?”

  5. Nick

    Yeah, that’s right, sit in the shade under your tarp, piglet. No one minds, we’re all too busy looking at your lil sis’ tight ass.

  6. marie

    Is that John Travolta ??? just asking.

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