1. DogBoy

    Ashlee cums right thru her bikini bottoms when Dad talks about going back to their room for a little “Mean Daddy/Naughty Daughter” role play.

  2. GNC

    no comment on the fact it LOOKS like she is peeing?!?!

  3. Ego, the living planet

    Do her knees not bend?

  4. Kissinger

    You call those breasts? Let me show you some pictures of your sister. Now these are breasts

  5. Queef Sister

    “Come on…just the big toe!”

  6. Yeppers

    I would definitely NOT wear that around my father.

  7. Lisatlantic

    This family irks the shit out of me. Talentless kids exploited for profit by their creepy Christian stage dad.

  8. White hot

    would snack on that for hours

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