1. SeƱor Pedro

    The universally known “hide a boner” pose.

  2. Ay Dios mio

    Ashlee: *shimmy shimmy shimmy*
    Joe: “Very good! No I do mean it. Now onto lesson number three..”

  3. Jamie

    I’m almost positive that he just said, “Hey sugar tits, why don’t you come over here and sit on Daddy’s lap for a while?”

  4. Lin

    Sugar dady someone?

  5. Do Freebird

    Some people would believe that she pulled the back of her bikini bottom down as a show of modesty in front of her father. I believe she pulled her bikini front up to display her nether lips for the pleasure of her father.

  6. tlmck

    “There you go!. Shake daddy’s moneymaker!”

  7. NineInchNailed

    This is one of the creepiest pictures I’ve ever seen. It looks like she’s about to start crawling on top of him. Just note his “Aw yeah, come to papa”-rape face.

  8. Shell-Belle

    I think the dad, Joe Simpson is creepy. The other thing that bothers me about him is how he has such control over his ADULT daughters and lives the high life off of THEIR money!! If I were fortunate enough to have children who made millions of dollars each year, yes I would want to be their manager because being a parent you truly have their best interest at heart…BUT…I would not pay/reward myself by taking 10 – 50% of their earnings for being simply their parent. That just shows what kind of people these girls parents truly are!

  9. Little Tongue

    Doing the awkward dance once again? For Daddy? o_O

  10. Sue

    So many incest jokes… trying not to throw up…

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