1. LilDeuceDeuce

    At first I didn’t realize they’re standing in front of a white table. I just thought Jessica’s giant 3D manhands were sticking out of the frame.

  2. LilDeuceDeuce

    Or maybe it is just weirdly photoshopped…either way I’m disturbed (and aroused)

  3. Ashley looks like a fortysomething Texas matron from money, desperately trying to hold on to her youth.

  4. tom

    Both very ugly.

  5. Both looking very sexy. Well done, Jessica.

  6. Ruby

    Ii thought she already got a nose job.

  7. DanS

    Why so serious?

  8. TheMoMo

    I never would’ve even guessed that was Ashlee Simpson. She really did go the Jennifer Grey, route, didn’t she.

  9. Natty Ice

    This photo has captured the exact moment that Jessica and Ashlee have realized that Ashlee is, and always will be, the skinnier sister.

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