1. Do you feel like someone’s watching you as you comment on this photo? Judging you as you tell the world the disgusting things you want to do to Ariana.

    That’s Chris Hansen. He’s standing right behind you. Don’t turn around! The moment you look eyes with him, you’ll have to “take a little seat over there” and it’s all over.

  2. She really is a sexy little thing. My favourite kind of woman.

  3. I’m just going to blame whoever this “Maraschino” guy is.

  4. Short Round

    Despite the easy access dress – which I truly appreciate – she just doesn’t work for me. Looks disturbingly young.

  5. Fairly certain I would…..two or three times

  6. I don’t feel bad one least bit. She’s 21. I have a lot on my mind now…

  7. derp

    Looks like a 14 year old got into her Moms bondage gear

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