1. Melanie

    She looks like she just walked off the set of “Clueless” …for more than one reason.

  2. I’d hit it. First with a stick, but then sexually.

  3. Argh

    This is what’s wrong with America: pieces of trash like this getting screentime on TV and cash to boot.

  4. 437-Hunter Farley

    Too bad that the jersey shore has let go there member cast and employees, MTV struggled there tv cast.

  5. F me harder!

    Dumb cunt missed a belt loop.

  6. erica

    she has a weird body, shes tall, but has shortish legs, no hips, kind of square body, and huge bolt ons,,, idk she just looks very strange the way her body is set up

  7. L.

    she is trashy but super sexy. her body is amazing.

  8. yeppp


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