1. The kid laughing in the background about sums it up perfectly. It’s like a monkey fucking a football in how they decide what to wear.

  2. How many times was the phrase, “I think the fat one is Snooki” uttered today?

  3. ptGunz

    Is this what an adult Snooki looks like?

  4. Cock Dr

    How do the short one’s inner thighs not burst into flames when she walks? Does she carry her own fire supression system? I see no bottle of beer here.

  5. Fundamentals of roughing

    Peter Linkage has got to beat the enforcer in height, couldn’t he?

  6. grobpilot

    I’m suprised that’s not “the Shocker” on the front of that shirt

  7. grazer

    gah there be some ugly slappers.

  8. European

    People in the background are even sadder than in the foreground.
    Enjoy defaulting, you fucking moronic Americans. Make a reality show about it after it happens!!!

    • the thing is

      The Brits aren’t too far behind us on the intelligence scale you piece of shit. I CAN handle my money, my government can’t. Fucking wanker.

      • the thing is

        Where you from Scotland? the Scots are pretty asinine. The spaniards are fucking idiots, too worried about looking good. You must be French, because they are pretty damn stupid also. Hmmmm, the Greeks are pretty bad with money, why don’t you go talk shit about them? Fucking idiot.

  9. bernard

    wow, they look like dudes

  10. Elf

    “What? My vagina is shedding again!?!?”

  11. The Brown Streak

    All this time everybody thought it was the waves, but the sound they heard was Snooki’s thighs rubbing together.

  12. TaT

    That’s Deena guys, not Snooki, as much as I hate to say this, Snooki is cuter in the face.

  13. yeppp


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