1. BSting

    Chupacabra! I yield!!

    • hcat6

      Has anyone ever noticed if you were to put a wig, some fake, ugly tits and a skirt on that Ronnie guy from Jersey Shore he would practically look identical to deanna? Seriously, she looks like dude. Someone should look into it, maybe she had a sex change op. I’m pretty sure she used to be a dude.

  2. Imagine the horror of Deena approaching your all-you-can-eat buffet.

  3. Amir

    Someone please explain the attraction to these women… i really don’t get it.

  4. MisterSuccint

    Underboob is (usually) fine.
    Underbuttock here is not.

  5. Fundamentals of roughing

    I feel sorry for evil doers in the seaside area.

  6. holy crap

    Motherfker…that face, oh God, that face!

  7. YeahYeah

    Why are they wearing those boots? Its hot as fuck out in Jersey right now.

  8. Mark B

    Looks like two rhino gently playing under a tarp.

  9. neo

    i would like to put my nose in between those butt cheeks a lick a sniff all night long.

  10. Terrawr

    If you’re wondering where Snooki is, I think she’s hiding inside the ass/leg flap on that midget’s ass.

  11. Jade

    The time to go outside and face the world is after you check your outfit in the mirror and think to yourself: “yeah, this looks good.” Snooki completely ignores this basic rule in the handbook, making me feel sorry for the shorts she stuffed those bags of cottage cheese in. I feel sorry for her hair follicles too, because those extensions seem like they have melted to her head.

  12. MrsWrong

    Special Shrimp is Special

  13. MrsWrong

    “For the LAST time I WON’T make a PICKLE PIZZA!!!”

  14. The Pope of Cleveland

    That ain’t ass, it’s back-fat.

  15. Ben Whofleck


  16. Donald Trump

    Is it wrong to wish death on someone?

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