1. charliesangel

    poor bastard, he really looks like a junkie now :-(

  2. lauryn

    you can just see the drug addled brain behind those crazy eyes.

  3. Dawn Alex

    He got something like $1.6 Million per episode of 2 1/2 men.
    I love money but I wouldn’t trade places with him.

  4. I chuckled at the description: Charlie One on One. No you don’t get it this is Charlie on Charlie. Charlie interview his mother fucking own self. Charlie run the god damn show here. TODAY show? Mother fucking CHARLIE show. Matt who? This is Charlie Lauer bitch! What did you say to me Tom Cruise? Glib? I’ll tell you who is glib mother fucking Katie don’t call me Joey Holmes!

  5. billsy

    tonight on tales from the crypt

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