1. CK

    Now she can put that backdoor money towards a new chin.

  2. celebutard

    I used to think that the crack was responsible for “hungry bum” but after seeing her porno, I’m now convinced it’s the hole.

  3. Smok3d M3@T

    Her a$$whole looks as if its been punched in with a drill bit. I honest to god thought we would have seen a pink sock on $hit bricks pecker before the backdoor scene took place. Imagine the farts she lets go, lol, there would be no rip…just a quick trip to the john….no wait….that would fail as well….

  4. I like her porn movie. I love seeing her ass get pounded. I hope she makes more movies. Cut down on the talking, though.

  5. Looks like she needs a porn star mentor to teach her how to wipe the cum off her chin. Might I suggest Taylor Rain?

  6. Nasty Butler

    Bikini pictures don’t really cut it anymore after the world has seen your blown out asshole and vag with a giant cock in it. That genie ain’t going back in that bottle.

  7. Wayne

    Have not seen her video yet. Does she get her asshole all stretched out in it or does she just take it in the vagina? Does she have an external rectal prolapse in the video? Thanks in advance for the info.

  8. 83-Rashaan Abraham

    Too much of the stupid publicity of that sex-type she leaked, or end up selling it for millions, it’s really sounds quite unnecessary, no need to make more understatement shit.

  9. allie

    It is sad where is her poor sweet daughter in all this mess.

  10. Senor Trout

    I bet her porn is a real hit with the ‘sex with llamas’ set.

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