1. quake

    Fact: When girls cut their hair so they look like a seven year old boy it means they’re trying to piss off their boyfriend or spouse.. possibly even enough to force them into a break up.

    Who is she dating?

    • Hugh Gentry

      it means her boyfriend is a pedo and likes little boys.

    • deadbarbie

      #1> “quake”- you are 1,000% correct, correct, corrrrrectamundo!
      But you’re forgetting fact # 2!!

      Girls this age, and especially at Anne’s very maluable age, her torments of “Fat, fat, fat fat fat fat jiggle-thigh Heffer!”
      (like the new 90201 girls are just such beautiful xanax/lithium stick figures- so early/mid-90′s…ha!)

      ….yet she ignores, is mature but we can all see the angst on her poor face “If they only knew what awsome tits I’ve got! wah.”-

      Fact #2. THIS SPECIFIC HAIRCUT is for young women to give the illusion of being THINNER. Y’know. Stephen King, Thinner? Anyone?

      It thins out the neck, as aforementioned mentioned, takes a whole lot of maintainence as the back of this cut has lots of thin-scissored frays and layers…..but for a mildly very thin pear shaped (kinda like me) beautiful girl- I give 2 thumbs down- sorry girl, I loved you in your blockbusters, but honey, that HAIR IS A Blockbuster! As in “Hey Lady! your fuckin hair is blockin the movie dammit! “. I’m funny, I know.

      Next time I see you I expect to see a parrot on your shoulder, the whole shebang on that head slicked back Mike Patton style with an entire bottle of gel NO MOUSSE! and the Italian mustache finger tattoo. Be yoself

      I’ve said my piece, now onto more important things. Like mocking others to make myself feel better. :D

      Hire me Mr. Superficial.

      signed on a very annoying Friday afternoon, to take my mind off reality,

      dead barbie.

  2. meat

    DYKE TIME!!! Is this bitch goin’ lez?

  3. josh

    Hotter than your average mum.

  4. Anne Hathaway as the Joker… I would love to “get a load of that”.

  5. burton

    i think she looks good.

  6. Vishnu

    Who is it I’m trying to say she looks like? It’s right on the tip of my tongue. I don’t think it’s the wife from 8 1/2, nor Amelia Fletcher. Something about those lips. She is still Anne Hathaway, of course, but she looks sad in a very cute way in the front picture.


    It looks good you morons. Better then before actually.

  8. mk

    She is still beauty-full……lovely feminine neck/ face….short hair suits attractive women…

  9. shes is horse rat face ugly

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