1. Chris Brown

    Those are some huge chompers.

  2. They’re remaking Jaws?

  3. Just Me

    Not pretty enough to pull off that super short hair

  4. Caseum

    Waterhorse or Horse to water…

  5. Blech

    I think it’s the sunglasses that aren’t helping here. She ain’t fug!

    • Sand

      It’s the layer combination: little hair – normal (but completely unhidden) forehead – big sunglasses – big teeth/smile – small/normal/shadowed chin. But yeah, her teeth have always looked big. Changing sunglasses would help a lot.

  6. Tom Cruise

    There’s that deleted scene from Top Gun…

  7. Grand Poobah

    Looking a little dykish in these pictures, think it must be a combination of the hair, the manface and the body, where is Lohan when you need her?

  8. Slippinx12

    No wonder it took so long to film Top Gun 2. They needed DADT repealed so Maverick could show just how dangerous he is…in a bikini

  9. Anon


  10. Anon

    She looks like Timon from the Lion King.

  11. Jane

    Just a quick poll: How many of you folks are chubby, besweatered women, and how many are you are snarky gays?

  12. mark

    Girls, dudes like long hair.

  13. theoriginal LJ

    Even with the Liza Minelli look, she could wake up next to me every morning and never get kicked out of bed.

  14. Novo

    Looks like Donkey from Shrek with those teefers

  15. ds78

    She does have a face of a rat.

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