1. Toe Jam

    “Yea! My dress doesn’t suck. And F’ that bitch be behind me!”

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Anne? Anne, we’re all waiting for you in the limo . . . Anne? Anne, it’s really rude to keep us . . . Anne, I think they have enough . . . OK, you’re walking to the after-party.”

  3. muscialhater

    I think I understand why groups of people out there dislike her. Part of me feels bad for her – Hopefully she can figure it out. Apologists would say it’s because they’re jealous of the fame and money – If that’s the case wouldn’t they be jealous of other celebrities for the same reasons? Also don’t understand what’s so big about Oscars as if they’re some kind of confirmation or something. If I was an actor, public opinion and revenues would be my measuring tool – Not a statue from a sample of opinion. Les Miserables was awful to me (musicals are not my thing but there have been much better musicals made) and yet I predicted because it was a musical and because of the names involved it would win awards long before its trailer appeared let alone its release – Unfortunate but I found it all too predictable.
    PS: Anne ..the ‘devil horn’ hand gesture in that pic is disturbing. Don’t sell your soul over anything!

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