1. inna

    Fish, are you color blind?? The color she’s wearing is called ORANGE, not red!!

    • Hugh Gentry

      in one pic it looks orange, but if you open your eyes and look at the other pics, she’s wearing red you moron.

  2. Poop Monster

    Actually Inna, It is a orange-red, but still red.

  3. Not a hint of an erection.
    And I don’t even know if that makes me sad for her, or myself.

  4. saltyJAWS

    she’s as ugly as effen sin …
    these foto’s are a bit more honest than the shopped fantasies forced on us on a daily basis ..
    her big ol’ bumpy HUGE head & skeletal body with no waist is very ‘OFF’ ..
    no charisma or mystery ..
    just another self important control freak-o…
    she’s awful ..when will the truth come out about this skank ..
    queen ‘beaute ‘ betta’o something about those jaws too ..
    use the wig to cover it up bitch ..
    i can doublepark 3 cars under that aggressive chin …

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