1. Such a beautiful couple.

  2. hateyoufornoreason

    Homewrecking bitch. Hope her shitty movie flops hard.

    • missylafay

      Your retarded.Throughout that whole thing and even up till today,when people talk about brad/ange/jen everyone says “what a home wrecker,stealing jens man blah blah” however no one EVER says “wait a minute,maybe BRAD is the ass for cheating on his wife,maybe BRAD should have kept it in his pants,maybe BRAD is the one to blame here”So to re-cap,your an idiot.

  3. Cock Dr

    All that Hollywood glamour makes my eyes hurt.

  4. Fuck you back dude

    She looks like a bubble head with her big ass jaw and weird body and he looks like a sleazy 70′s porn star who happens to be drunk and horney. They make a good couple, Fug and Fugler.

  5. Jen Aniston

    Brad is looking GOOD!

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