1. Muh

    What the crap is up with her skeletal hands and arms?!

    The rest of her is hawt, but UGH!

    • She’s always been that way. There are folks out there that are plain boney in areas. I know I am the kind of person to where no matter how fat or thin I am, my ribs always show (my weight fluctuates a lot).

    • absinthe

      A lot of it also has to do with her age. She’s no youngster

  2. Okay, I’ll start by admitting I’ve never been a fan of anything Jolie outside her chest area, but here she’s looking downright terrifying. This is Madonna territory without the muscle tone. If I were Fortyish Durden over there*, I’d be back hitting that Aniston ass in no time.

    (*I’m more in the Fortyish Jon Lovitz category, myself…)

  3. Hard 4 Angelina

    Hmmm I’d like to get a handjob from her skeletal hands….

  4. fid

    It’s hilarious how people on here say idiotic statements about the appearance of a celebrity that isn’t warranted. Especially since most of you are 700 lbs and should be on the biggest loser, crying because you can’t stop eating 10 large pizzas a day!

    Unless you all want to start posting your photo, so we can see that you are a 120% spectacular babe, maybe you should just STFU, or just go and cry your pimply tears into your bucket of ice cream.

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