1. anonym

    she looks scary

  2. She really fucked up her nose

  3. Madame Tussauds has stepped up. Looks almost life like.

  4. brail

    I almost feel like she had then cut off, so she could get fake ones without being judged… I know that’s bad….

    • she had fake ones before. They removed them and some breast tissue then replaced them. If she was really concerned about breast cancer, she would not have put the first set of implants in. She is a liar like kardashian. Her face is overflowing with botox and fillers. nose job. bottom lip reduction and top lip implant. She is all plastic and that is why she looks shiny and waxy. plus she is a shit actress. Only good thing she did was save Pitt from that ugly, talentless man. John Voight is the star of Jolie’s family. If you do not know, go meet Ratso and the Cowboy Husler.

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