1. Ken

    Wow. Her waist looks like a Barbie doll. How many kids did she have?

  2. e-rock

    She’s wearing a corset. I wondered the same thing too, but if you look at the next few pics, you can see the boning from the corset which does WONDERS for a waist.

  3. Rhialto

    What happened to her waist?! Surgery?!

  4. nox

    She IS wearing a corset. You can see it in the first picture as well. Angelina Jolie has one of the SQUAREST bodies in hollywood. No waist, hips, or ass, hence the industrial corset. If you doubt it’s a corset look at her waist in any of her recent evening gown pictures they mostly all have boning for a waist…

  5. eww

    That had to hurt.

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