Doesn’t matter how pretty she is, that movie got like 1 star. Heard it sucks, like the last 10 or her movies.

  2. Woofus

    Angelina makes me want to be a Lesbian. She is the first (and only) woman that is hot enough to make me to want to actually screw another woman. She could make a movie about earwax and it would still be 5 stars

  3. discriminatin

    ya’l are blind or cra-zazy if ya think a big ol’ bumpy head & lumberjack jaw is ‘pretty’ ..
    muahahahaaa ..
    the only rag showin an honest pic’ is ‘huffington post’ ..lawd !
    that corset must be bustin her liver cause that skank ain’t got no waist on that skeleton …
    yeah the dykes can keep her ..
    she ain’t for no man that’s for sure ..

  4. Just sayin

    Translation please? I’m sorry, I don’t speak Retarded.

  5. Just sayin

    Hm, double post. eff you back, internet.

  6. It might be only overexposure, but all I’m getting from this skeleton is the mother of all “meh”-s.

  7. snowdawg

    BOOM HEAD SHOT MS. ANISTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. iceman4896

    I think she has a pretty, but surgically enhanced face (good plastic surgery). Her breast are big, but not among the better looking breast I’ve seen when she takes her clothes off. Her arms are almost bone thin, her legs are long, which can be nice, but her’s are really thin, and without great muscle tone. Her ass is also small, not really great looking, and kind of flabby. She’s covered in a bunch of really ugly tattoo’s, some in odd places. Not that tat’s can’t be sexy on a women, because they can, and I’m attracted to some women who have them, but most of Angelina’s tat’s are black, ugly, and have some kind of statement attached to them. Oh, and do I need to mention that she’s absolutely bat shit crazy, and used to have a romantic relationship with her own brother? Yea, I’m not interested, sorry. If you’re wondering, I’d fuck Aniston over her in a heartbeat. Her breast are perkier, her legs are nicely toned, and she’s got a round, but firm ass. Her face doesn’t look obviously enhanced, either.

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